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A movable crushing surface called the mantle, also conical in shape, gyrates within the interior of the concave cone. As this is a gravity device the material flows from top to bottom. The gyratory crusher has been built in three types known respec- tively as the suspended-spindle, the supported-spindle and the fixed- spindle type.

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If you don't keep the crusher choke fed the mantle and concaves will wear to a point where the reduction profile is changed and thus causes higher power draw and lots of heat. It's the same when a "ducktail" is formed by not coke feeding or by having too many fines in the feed. The reduction profile is the key.

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The relative performance of non-choking concaves in the standard gyratory crushers is graphically illustrated in the table below. This table contains a complete list of capacity ratings for gyratory crushers, from 8 to 42″ inclusive, for straight-face, and non-choking, concaves. This table also lists "Modified Straight Concaves."

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The Gyratory Crusher TS is a high quality, modern design, durable gyratory crusher that was engineered from the ground up with an unwavering focus on performance, safety, maintenance and functionality, for the utmost reliability and efficiency in your projects. The Gyratory Crusher TS is distinguished from other gyratory crushers by its ...

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Gyratory Crusher Mantles - Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. With many options available, there's a Columbia mantle design that's the right choice for your crusher. Mantle designs Our many mantle designs range from smooth one-piece options to large, full-toothed, two-piece or three-piece solutions.

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Gyratory Crusher MAXIMUM STRENGTH Sturdy all-steel construction. Heavy external ribs. HIGH CAPACITY Large head diameter, balanced relationship between speed and eccentric throw, long, deep, properly curved crushing chamber. Bottom discharge speeds run-off.

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Gyratory Crushers Invented by Charles Brown in 1877 and developed by Gates in 1881; Gates Crusher. A conical element is supported in a flared shell or frame creating a chamber wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The center element is caused to gyrate about its fulcrum point causing it to advance and retreat with relation to the shell.

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A gyratory crusher includes a solid cone set on a revolving shaft and placed within a hollow body, which has conical or vertical sloping sides. Material is crushed when the crushing surfaces approach each other and the crushed products fall through the discharging opening.